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test redmine02/02/2023Александр КDesignBug #343781: 234ok0.10
test redmine02/02/2023Александр КDevelopmentBug #343781: 234gfddfg000.10
test redmine02/02/2023Александр КDevelopmentBug #343780: 123gfddfg0.10
test redmine02/02/2023Александр КDesignBug #343780: 1230.00
Время_Тест_202/02/2023Артём КлимовDevelopmentFeature #343759: dot2.00
Prince02/01/2023Mittal MittalDesignBug #343730: Client >> register>> name button does not work.xyz2.00
Prince02/01/2023Mittal MittalDevelopmentFeature #343739: Client >> Home page xyz9.00
Prince02/01/2023Mittal MittalDesignFeature #343739: Client >> Home page I have resolved in test enviornment9.00
Prince02/01/2023Mittal MittalDevelopmentBug #343738: Client >> register>> Alignment is not show proper.I have closed the defect 2.00
Prince02/01/2023Mittal MittalDesignBug #343730: Client >> register>> name button does not work.I have resolved the defect 3.00
parva02/01/2023bharat bharatDevelopmentFeature #343733: Client>>Registerjhgjklj8.00
Trupti02/01/2023Trupti truptiDevelopmentFeature #343720: Client<<Loginbvbh5.00
Prince02/01/2023Mittal MittalDevelopmentFeature #343729: Client<<Registerxyz9.00
Pranu02/01/2023Pranu PranuDevelopmentFeature #343717: Client<<Loginxyz9.00
Makein02/01/2023Makein MakeinDevelopmentBug #343712: Client >> Login >> Validation message does not workThis is done and uploaded in Test Enviornment0.50
Makein02/01/2023Makein MakeinDevelopmentFeature #343710: Client >> Login FeatureThis is done and uploaded in Test Enviornment9.00


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