PCDP_job1: news

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Projeto Teste 2: O redmine eh bacana!

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O redmine eh bacana! O redmine eh bacana! O redmine eh bacana! O redmine eh bacana! O redmine eh bacana!

Soma: Orçamento Aceito Pelo Cliente

Added by Vinicius Vaz 1 day ago

O cliente aceitou o projeto com o valor o prazo passado para o cliente foi de 45 dias, mas o prazo para conclusão do sistema é de 30 dias

test toto: eeee

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Bence's pilot: Very Wow

Added by Bence Bence 2 days ago

Much cool

Bence's pilot: Next release 123

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WoW Very News Much

Project number x: New crew member

Added by Tester Number 2 2 days ago

Today we have got new emploee named Oscar Wiled. He will be working in the room number 3 with Max Straus.

Global domination: Inner circle is formed!

Added by Дмитрий Александрович Любимов 2 days ago

We have formed a head of our organization

ButterFly: Hello World

Added by Joe Hsieh 2 days ago

balabal about hello world

测试方法: 你不是程序猿 所以你不懂

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支持多项 目
灵活的基 于角色的访问控制
灵活的问 题跟踪系统
甘特图和 日历
新闻、文 档和文件管理
feeds 和邮件通知
依附于项 目的wiki
简单实时 跟踪功能
自定义字 段的问题,时间项,项目和用户
SCM in集成 (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs)
多个 LDAP认证支持
用户自注 册支持
多语言支 持

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