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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
288732New projectBugNewNormalFailure to Launchguest guest10/26/2020 10:37 PM
288731AMS-grp104BugNewNormalxxxx10/26/2020 09:41 PM
288730proyecto pruebaBugNewNormalpeticion 310/26/2020 08:56 PM
288729proyecto pruebaBugNewNormalpeticion 210/26/2020 08:56 PM
288728proyecto pruebaBugIn ProgressNormalpetición 110/26/2020 08:56 PM
288724subject01BugNewHighMothBest Chioce10/26/2020 07:28 PM
288723Lab2 AMSSupportIn ProgressHighGuião de AMS Parte 2Miguel Fernandes10/26/2020 04:44 PM
288722Lab2 AMSBugNewNormalGuião de AMSMiguel Nogueira10/26/2020 04:37 PM
288721AMS_P4_G1BugNewLowIssue YAriana Gonçalves10/26/2020 04:32 PM
288720AMS_P4_G1BugIn ProgressHighIssue XAfonso Teixeira10/26/2020 04:34 PM
288717Migration de donnéesFeatureNewNormalProgramme de contrôle migration des articles10/26/2020 02:26 PM
288716Migration de donnéesFeatureNewNormalCréer programme d'extraction10/26/2020 02:25 PM
288712Teste AMSBugNewNormalавпвап10/26/2020 02:00 PM
288711Sous Projet 1BugNewNormalessai01 du sous projet10/26/2020 11:47 AM
288710MonProjetBugNewNormalbug fonction10/26/2020 11:37 AM
288709MonProjetBugNewNormalbug chronogramme10/26/2020 11:34 AM
288707Best Chioce ProjectBugNewNormalhow to use Redmine correctly?Best Chioce10/26/2020 10:01 AM
288706subject01BugNewNormalYou have to post a bug under the right project or subproject.Best Chioce10/26/2020 09:46 AM
288705Best Chioce ProjectBugNewNormalThe main page access failture with 404 issueBest Chioce10/26/2020 09:42 AM
288704Best Chioce ProjectFeatureNewNormalAdd new theme in the guiBest Chioce10/26/2020 09:40 AM
288703New01BugNewNormalSubject abcd2 ~Anonymous10/26/2020 08:51 AM
288702New01BugNewNormalSubject abcd ~Anonymous10/26/2020 08:51 AM
288701New01BugNewNormalSubject abcd2 ~Anonymous10/26/2020 08:49 AM
288700New01BugNewNormalSubject abcd ~Anonymous10/26/2020 08:49 AM
288698Con_PDPBugNewNormalТестAnonymous10/26/2020 08:45 AM

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