This is the online Redmine demo for uses to test Redmine and its features. All the data here is temporary and may be reset at any time.

You should start to register for an account and then:

  • Browse the issues list and post a few updates on the issues
  • Try out the Wiki pages on a project
  • You can also create your own project and see what can be done as a Manager


  • Email notifications are disabled to prevent spamming
  • File uploads are limited to a very low size to limit disk space usage
  • Code repositories are disabled

This demo site runs Redmine 2.5.0.devel.12954.

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张家口商业银行CRM建设项目: 1111111111111
Added by 龙 张 1 day ago

myfirst project: Her er generel info
Added by Brian Nielsen 2 days ago

WHD Modernization: 4/14 Update - First Round client selection
Finished the first round of client selection
Added by Jimbo Jones 2 days ago

Summitt : GCRSR Conference Call coming up
Added by Daniel Wakefield 2 days ago

Base Única de Clientes: NEW-20140418_01 (1 comment)
Cambios en proyecto de BUC
Added by Javier Orellana 2 days ago

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